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Installation d'Unreal

Voici le très célèbre Unreal. Les services qui accompagnent ce daemon sont les services Epona. Personnellement, je n'installerai pas unreal, ces protocoles sont quelques peu absurdes & le système de netadmin, coadmin, admin fait un peu clown à mon goût…mais bon, il en faut pour tous les goûts:)

Pour installer Unreal, suivez ces indications (étant loggué en SSH) :

- tar zxvf Unreal3.1.5.1-Valek.tar.gz (pour cette version)
- cd Unreal3.1.5.1
- ./Config (ou ./config)

Lors du ./config, une série de questions vous est posés. En voici un exemple :


Welcome to the UnrealIRCd configuration program. This program
will help you compile your IRC server by asking you questions
regarding your system and how you want the ircd to function.

If you need help setting up your server, mail or ask on IRC:
/server, /join #unreal-support

Regardless, please read Unreal.nfo first along with all documentation
and FAQ's in doc/. If you do not do this, we will NOT help you!

If the code is changed in any way, or the version string is modified,
we will _NOT_ support the product. (Unless of course you got explicit
permission from one of the UnrealIRCd coders.)

Finally, unofficial UnrealIRCd/32 builds (if it doesn't say "genuine"
in the display) are _NOT_ supported.

- Luke (
[Enter to begin]

Tapez : Entrée

Unreal3.1.5.1-Valek Release Notes

* Um, yea, so we found this bug...

* If you are upgrading from Unreal3.1.4-Meadows, please read
doc/RELEASE-NOTES.3.1.5 as well.

* If you are upgrading from an even earlier version (before 3.1.4),
please read the doc/RELEASE-NOTES.3.1.4 file as well. There
were numerous important/significant changes between 3.1.4 and
earlier versions.

* Finally, read Unreal.nfo as usual AND THE DOCS in doc/.

- Luke (
[Enter to begin]

Tapez : Entrée

You are running Linux (with GLIBC 2.x or greater)...

Welcome to the configuration for the Unreal IRCD.
This UnrealIRCD version is: Unreal3.1.5.1 Valek, Good Luck.

Config will generate a system-specific include/setup.h file, a top
level Makefile, include/settings.h, and a persistant options file named

Enter "none" at any prompt to effect a null entry.

Which compiler do you use, gcc or cc or...?
[gcc] ->

Tapez : Entrée

Enter additional flags to give to gcc
[-O -g] ->

Tapez : Entrée

If you need to use any extra libraries when compiling the server,
please tell me now (might need to look at the Makefiles) and please
include all the -l and -L flags.

You should use the recommended value unless you have a compelling reason
not to...
[-lcrypt -lresolv] ->

Tapez : Entrée

Checking out /usr/include
...Looking for /usr/include/stdlib.h...found!
...Looking for /usr/include/stddef.h...not found :(
...Looking for /usr/include/sys/syslog.h...found!
...Looking for /usr/include/sys/param.h...found!
...Looking for /usr/inclu? ??de/unistd.h...found!
...Looking for /usr/include/string.h...found!
...Looking for /usr/include/strings.h...found!
...Looking for /usr/include/sys/rusage.h...not found (good!)
...Looking for /usr/include/openssl/ssl.h...not found (you will not be able to do secure connections
If you do have it, please type in ln -s <openssl include dir> /usr/include/openssl
...Looking for /usr/include/regex.h...found!

To be or not to be...and so it shall be! bcopy/bzero/bcmp are about!

Which one, gettimeofday, or lrand48..We have a winner! gettimeofday found.

Checking for POSIX/BSD/SYSV non-blocking stuff
Blocking selected: O_NONBLOCK
Looking for reliable signals...
Hmmm...wonder if you have 'action from POSIX...
Ooooh, you are a lucky one! 'action from POSIX!
Now those strings libraries...hmm...which one is it... have index()!
One for debugging, mainly, getrusage(2) or times(2)...getrusage()
Can we set the core size to unlimited... yes
What else do I need that you don't have...
Lets see... dn_skipname strtoken

Ok, here's your chance...I think you should use O_NONBLOCK, you want

Tapez : Entrée

I found posix signals.
Hmmm...I'm not sure if signal() is reliable or not either...
You can choose between posix, bsd and sysv. What'll it be ?
[posix] ->

Tapez : Entrée

I found getrusage, out of getrusages and times. getrusage is
more informative. If you wish to swap your choice, please
do so now.
[getrusage] ->

Tapez : Entrée

Many operating systems are running with insecure TCP stacks.
This allows IP spoofing attacks, which are very difficult for
operato? ??rs to track down and ban.

If you are CERTAIN your operating system has secure TCP stacks
you do not need to define this. If you are not certain, define
this and find out if you need it later or not. You can mail the
source mailing list later; someone there can help you determine
if your OS is secure or not.

Do you have an insecure operating system and therefore want to
use the server anti-spoof protection?
[Yes] ->

Tapez : Entrée

What directory are all the server configuration files in?
[/home/usr/c0wb0ys/Unreal3.1.5.1] ->

Tapez : Entrée

What is the explicit path to where the ircd binary will be
installed? This should point to a file, not a directory
[/home/usr/c0wb0ys/Unreal3.1.5.1/src/ircd] ->

Tapez : Entrée

Would you like to compile as a Halfhub or as a leaf?
The halfhub will be a real hub if set so in unrealircd.conf
Type Hub for selecting hub and Leaf for a leaf..
[Hub] ->

Tapez : Entrée

What is your box hostname?
[www] ->

Tapez le nom du shell (Exemple:

Do you use encrypted operator passwords?
[No] ->

Tapez : Entrée

Do you use encrypted incoming link passwords? (N lines only,
C lines must remain unencrypted always)
[No] ->

Tapez : Entrée

Do you want to use encrypted Restart/Die passwords?
[No] ->

Tapez : Entrée

Do you want to use encrypted I:Line passwords?
[No] ->

Tapez : Entrée

Do you want to enable total invisibility (+I) mode for opers?
[No] ->

Tapez : Yes

What listen() ? ??backlog value do you wish to use? Some servers
have problems with more than 5, others work fine with many, many
[5] ->

Tapez : Entrée

How far back do you want to keep the nickname history?
[2000] ->

Tapez : Entrée

What sendq length do you wish to have?
[3000000] ->

Tapez : Entrée

What size of a bufferpool (total of ALL sendq's in use) do you
do you wish to have?

Tapez : Entrée

Max fds is 1024

How many file descriptors (or sockets) can the irc server use?
(The result above, if any - shows how many sockets that the ircd can use,
and can be used as an answer here)
[256] ->

Tapez : Entrée

Your system-supplied value for FD_SETSIZE is large enough
for ircd to leave it untouched

Taper maintenant :

- make

Aller maintenant sur le FTP, dans le répertoire /Unreal3.1.5.1/doc. Uploader exemple.conf, éditer le & renommer le en ircd.conf. Voici un exemple de configuration :

## Configuration de l'ircd.conf ##


Y:30:90:0:0:3500000&nbs? ??p;





Q::Reservé pour les services:ChanServ
Q::Reservé pour les services:NickServ
Q::Reservé pour les services:MemoServ
Q::Reservé pour les services:OperServ
Q::Reservé pour les services:HelpServ
Q::Reservé pour les services:StatServ

Z: de ne pas se connecter en local:*




Petite aide :

Les différents modes à mettre dans les Olines :

? ??
o Flags IRCops locaux: rhgwlckbBnuf
O Flags IRCops globaux: oRDCK
a IRCadmin , accès au /samode
C CoAdmin
A Admin
N NetAdmin, accès à /rehash, /restart …
* Flags: AaNCTzSHW^

Les différents flags :

? ??
r Accès à /rehash server
R Accès à /restart server
D Accès à /die server
h IRCop peut /help ops
g I? ??RCop peut /globops
w IRCop peut /wallops
l IRCop peut /locops
c Accès à /squits et /connects
L Accès aux remote, à /squits et /connects
k Accès aux kills locaux 
K Accès aux kills globaux
b IRCop peut /kline
B IRCop peut /unkline
n IRCop peut envoyer des notices locales
G IRCop peut envoyer des notices globales
A Admin
u IRCop pouvant se mettre le mode +c
f IRCop pouvant se mettre le mode +f
^ IRCop pouvant se mettre le mode +I
e IRCop pouvant se mettre le mode +e
W IRCop pouvant se mettre le mode +W
H IRCop a automatiquement le +x au /oper

La X-line détermine les mots de passe du /restart et du /die 
La Z-line est un genre de K-line, mais sur une IP.

Ce n'est pas fini. Une fois l'ircd.conf édité, il faut éditer le fichier unrealircd.conf.
Pour cela uploader le (il se trouve dans /Unreal/ & éditer le. Voici un exemple :


Exp $ 

Include .................: networks/
Set KLINE_ADDRESS .......:
Set MODE_X ..............: 1 (mettre le +x aux users lors de la connexion)
Set MODE_I ..............: 0 (mettre le +i aux users lors de la connexion)
Set MODE_STRIPWORDS .....: 0 (mettre le +G aux users lors de la connexion)
Set TRUEHUB .............: 1
Set SHOWOPERS ...........: 0
Set KILLDIFF ............: 0
Set SHOWOPERMOTD ........: 1
Set HIDE_ULINES .........: 1
Set ALLOW_CHATOPS .......: 1
Set SOCKS_BAN_MESSAGE ...: Insecure SOCKS server
Set SOCKS_QUIT_MESSAGE ..: Insecure SOCKS server
Set SOCKSBANTIME ........: 86400
Set WEBTV_SUPPORT .......: 0
Set NO_OPER_HIDING ......: 1
Set AUTO_JOIN_CHANS .....: 0
Set HOST_TIMEOUT ........: 2
Set HOST_RETRIES ........: 2
Set EXEMPT_ALL ..........: 1
Set CLOAK_KEY_1 .........: 467319
Set CLOAK_KEY_2 .........: 698341
Set CLOAK_KEY_3 .........: 215639

Bien. Plus qu'un seul fichier à éditer. Il s'agit de Uploder le (il se trouve dans /Unreal/ & editer le puis renommer le en (exemple : Voici un exemple d'une configuration :



Network >..........: tchat-fr
Set ircnetwork ....: tchat-fr
Set defserv .......:
Set oper_host .....:
Set admin_host ....:
Set locop_host ....:
Set sadmin_host ...:
Set netadmin_host .:
Set coadmin_host ..:

Set hidden_host ...: c0wb0ys (donnera
Set netdomain .....:
Set helpchan ......: #Help
Set iNAH ..........: 1 (activer les host définis ci-dessus)
Set net_quit ......: ic

Voilà. Rendez-vous maintenant dans le répertoire principal, taper ./ircd . Si vous avez fait correctement les instructions ci-dessus, votre serveur devrait se lancer.

Source :

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